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2019 Mens Thursday Evening Leagues (updated 5-21-19)

*Notice: Burgers will now be offered for 25% off on league night, as well as on Burger Night(Wednesday)*
(Same with crab cakes on Tuesdays)

Week 4...

1. Bill Reynolds...30, 110pts

T-2. Brian Binkley...31, 85pts
Vince Basciani
Pete Gallardy
Alfie Ford

T-6. Dave Cera...32, 45pts
Rick Reynolds
Jim Costello
Bob Duprey

T-10. Steve Regester...33, 12pts
Paul Zotter
Mike Duering
Ryan Crothamel
Robert Foley
Eric Campion

*10pts if you showed up. Front 9 shotgun this Thursday, 5pm.

Week 3...
1. Mike Murdoch...30, 110pts
2. Jake Deshaies...31, 100pts
T-3. Cahuncey Boyd...32, 85pts
Rob Yetter
T-5. Tom Castle...34, 55pts
Roy Bryant
Ryan Crothamel
Dave McGrath
 T-9. Jay Port...35, 18pts
Rob Santucci
Matt Wilhere
Gerry Bonhage
*3-week totals will be in the pro shop Thursday before your round...or just do some math if you can't wait.

Golf League, Week 2 Results...

1. Dave Kilby...29, 110pts

T-2. Anthony Leone...30, 90pts
Steve Regester
Jake Deshaies

5. Chris Colgan...31, 70pts

T-6. Steve Deshaies...32, 45pts
Art Bielby
Rick Rineer
Bob Duprey

T-10. Don Hall...33, 12pts
Roy Bryant
Gary Hopkins
Jay Port
Dave Cera
Sean Binkley

*If you showed up, you got 10pts.


Week 1 Golf League RESULTS...Also, there are storms on the way for tonight. Prepare to get a little wet. If it looks like the forecast is getting worse, I will update on here and our website under 'leagues'.

1. Rob Johnson...28, 110pts

2. Tom Castle...30, 100pts

T-3. Sean Binkley...32, 85pts
Art Bielby

T-5. Bill Stout...33, 60pts
Chris Pyle
Jeff Beauregard

T-8. Rob Santucci...34, 20pts
Dave Werner
Kevin Gaydos
Matt Wilhere
Alfie Ford

Jeff Beauregard

*Everyone else got 10 points for showing up.


I'd like for everyone to start at 430. If you can't get here by then you'll have to play fast once you DO get here. Still waiting on 1 first-round score(Steve & Dave). The teams in the playoffs are currently only 3 strokes apart! Fried chicken, hot roast beef sandwiches, potato/pasta salad & drinks to follow! $5 closest-2-pin on #14.
D. Binkley/Santucci

Thursday, 10/4 will be our final week.  I would like to start at 4:30 if most/all can make it here.  If not, I'll get you out as soon as your group arrives.  If you need to finish/still play your first playoff week, you can do that any day before Thursday, or show up early Thursday and finish. Dinner and drinks will follow after your round! 

It looks like the rain will move out before 430.  IF you would like to get your 9 in today you can.  You may come anytime up to and including 5pm.  You will also be able to play Wednesday or Friday.  It would be easiest for me if you let me know when you'll be playing.  There will be no side-game this week, so I thought for the final we would double it and do closest-2-pin on both par 3's($10)?  But that's up to you guys.  Final is next Thursday, 10/4.
We'll make a decision by 2pm about golf league tonight.  It's obviousley very wet and there is 50% thru 5/6pm.  Rounds can be played tomorrow or Friday OR early next week before Thursday also.  Please let me know when you would be coming.
We have an outing on 9/27 and we can't afford to miss any weeks due to the sun settin earlier each day...I'd like to make 9/25(TUESDAY) our league date for next week.  Some people could also play Wednesday night if Tuesday won't work, but it would be easiest for me if TUESDAY was the night.  Please let me know this Thursday when you arrive.  Points and scores from last week posted tomorrow.
Week 5 Scores & Points
1. Wilhere/Zotter...27, 110pts
2. Cera/Deshaies...28, 100pts
T-3. Colgan/Marini...29, 75pts
7. Hopkins/Shock...30, 50pts
T-8. Porter/Beauregard...31, 30pts
Totals in the pro shop Thursday.
TOTAL Points thru Week 4.  Top 6 teams make the PLAYOFFS!  If it doesn't rain this week(why wouldn't it?) we will start our week 5 rounds over.
1. Wilhere/Zotter...255
2. Bonhage/Forwood...245
3. Watts/Angiulo...220
4. Castro/Watkins...190
5. Lukk/Duering...185
6. Stout/Bryant...175
--------------------cut line---------------------
T-7. Cera/Deshaies...165
9. Day/Gelnett...160
10. Riley/Costello...145
11. D.Binkley/Santucci...140
12. Murdoch/Karlesses...130
13. I.Byerly/B.Byerly...120
14. Turner/Goyne...115
15. Miles/Robinson...110
T-16. Hopkins/Shock...105
18. Brown/Mulloy...95
T-19. Porter/Beauregard...65
21. Irrgang/Rebar...55
22. Kearns/Henzes...40
Week 4 scores & points...
1. D.Binkley/Santucci...26, 110pts
T-2. Stout/Bryant...27. 80pts
T-7. Bonhage/Forwood...28, 45pts
T-9. Murdoch/Karlesses...30, 20pts

Week 3 scores & points...(3 week totals in pro shop Thursday)
1. Costello/Riley...26, 110pts
T-2. Wilhere/Zotter...28, 95pts
T-4. Lukk/Duering...29, 65pts
T-8. Hopkins/Shock...30, 25pts

Week 2 scores & points...

1. Cera/Deshaies...25, 110pts

2. Bonhage/Forwood...26, 100pts

3. Castro/Watkins...27, 90pts

T-4. Lukk/Duering...28, 75pts


6. Hopkins/Shock...29, 60pts

T-7. Porter/Beauregard...30, 45pts


9. Watts/Angiulo...31, 30pts

T-10. Turner/Goyne...32, 15pts


Week 1 scores & points...

1. Castle/Regester...27, 110pts

2. Watts/Angiulo...28, 100pts

T-3. Wilhere/Zotter...30, 75pts

T-7. Cera/Deshaies...31, 35pts

 Our Better-Ball of partners league will officially start on 8/9/18.
Complimentary 9 holes on 8/2/18 for REGISTERED league players.
***3 of the 6 regular-season rounds MUST be played on Thursday with the rest of the group.  3 people have brought this up to me and I agree with them.  All other rules remain the same.  Any further questions please call or email.
  • Thursdays, 5pm shotgun.
  • Officially starts 8-9-18.
  • Complimentary 9 holes for registered players on 8-2-18.
  • $50 registration fee...$20/ride, $15/walk each week.
  • $5 optional side-game(closest-2-pin, fewest putts, etc...)
  • 6-week regular season (top 10 & ties each week get points)
  • Top 25% of field makes playoffs.
  • 2-week playoffs (9 holes each week, lowest combined net score)
  • Players Buffet & Beer after the last week of playoffs.
  • Please email your name and handicap to golfpro1@wyncote.com" class="clickable ClickableEmail inactive">golfpro1@wyncote.com to register. (ATTN: Keith or Golf League)
  • Sign up with a group and play together every week!

 * Plus 10 points for participating (Players posting a score outside the top 10 will receive 10 points for participating)


If you have any questions, please contact golf shop at (610) 932-8900 x7 or EMAIL.

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