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Thursday Night League Update...(8/11/20)

Points/Scores Week 6...
Everyone else got 10pts for showing up.


1. Brian Besancon...29, 110pts

T-2. Anson Ellis...30, 95pts

Jim Costello

T-4. Sean Binkley...31, 75pts

Eric Campion

T-6. Matt Wilhere...32, 29pts

Paul Day

Alfie Ford

Gary Kerstetter

Roy Bryant

Mike Mohan

Mike Riley

Rob Yetter


T-1. Paul Maddy...36, 105pts

Kenny Kearns

3. Gary Hopkins...37, 90pts

T-4. Dave Werner...38, 75pts

Paul Day

T-6. Anson Ellis...39, 55pts

Jason Henzes

T-8. Gary Kerstetter...40, 35pts

Phil Dickerson

10. Sean Binkley...41, 12pts

Matt Wilhere

Alfie Ford

Monte Wright

Steve Kukoda

Points thru week 5...


1. Kevin King...255pts

2. Jim Forwood...220

3. Mike Riley...195

4. Gary Hopkins...190

T-5. Anson Ellis...160

Buck Showalter

7. Roy Bryant...155

8. Steve Regester...145

T-9. Rob Santucci...140

Mike Murdoch

Brian Besancon

Marty Cuniff

Keith Skrzypiec

T-14. Dave Werner...135

Kenny Kearns


1. Dave Werner...400pts

2. Gary Hopkins...390

3. Jason Henzes...375

4. Kenny Kearns...370

5. Monte Wright...290

6. Matt Skinner...285

7. Paul Maddy...260

8. Phil Dickerson...175

9. Steve Regester...155

10. Paul Day...125

Notes from the Commish...(New Info)

  • We're 1/2 thru the season with NO rain-outs!
  • Mid-season points leaders get a prize!! 
  • Exclamation points for EVERYONE!!! 


    It PAYS to be a winner:  Mid-Season points leaders of both divisions will get their next 2(!) League rounds COMPED(w/cart)!  

    Good luck to everyone the 2nd half of the season!  As usual, if you have any questions or concerns please keep them to yourself, I disregard them anyway.

Week 4(Net)

1. Kevin King...24, 110pts

2. Keith Skrzypiec...27, 100pts

3. Jim Forwood...29, 90pts

T-4. Gary Kerstetter...30, 65pts

Mike Riley

Matt Wilhere

Jason Henzes

T-8. Mike Mohan...31, 20pts

Anson Ellis

Steve Deshaies

Buck Showalter

Gary Hopkins

Bob Rebar

Week 4(Gross)

1. Jason Henzes...33, 110pts

2. Kenny Kearns...34, 100pts

3. Paul Maddy...35, 90pts

T-4. Gary Hopkins...36, 70pts

Kevin King

Dave Werner

T-7. Keith Skrzypiec...38, 45pts

Bob Rebar

T-9. Gary Kerstetter...39, 25pts

Matt Wilhere


Week 3(Net)
1. Rob Santucci...28, 110pts

2. Marty Cuniff...29, 100pts

3. Sean Binkley...30, 90pts

T-4. Gary Hopkins...31, 75pts

Don Hall

T-6. Tim Goodall...32, 50pts

Roy Bryant

Kevin King

T-9. Jay Port...33, 15pts

Jason Henzes

Adam Campbell

Phil Dickerson

Matt Skinner

Week 3(Gross)
T-1. Gary Hopkins...37, 105pts

Jason Henzes

3. Dave Werner...38, 90pts
 Monte Wright...39, 70pts

Phil Dickerson

Matt Skinner

7. Paul Maddy...40, 50pts

T-8. Jay Port...41, 30pts

Kenny Kearns

Adam Campbell

Week 2(Net)
1. Anson Ellis...28, 110pts
T-2. Buck Showalter...30, 95pts
Dave Werner
T-4. Phil Dickerson...31, 75pts
Kevin King
T-6. Tim Lukk...32, 55pts
Steve Regester
T-8. Rich Ptakowski...33, 20pts
Monte Wright
Dave Thompson
Matt Wilhere
Steve Kukoda
Eric Campion
Week 2(Gross)
1. Dave Werner...35, 110pts
2. Paul Maddy...36, 100pts
3. Monte Wright...37, 90pts
T-4. Phil Dickerson...39, 75pts
Steve Regester
T-6. Anson Ellis...40, 50pts
Kenny Kearns
8. Steve Kukoda...41, 40pts
9. Jason Henzes...42, 30pts
T-10. Drew Stem...43, 13pts
Dave Cera
Brian Todd
Tim Lukk
Week 1(Net)
1. Mike Murdoch...30, 110pts
T-2. Kenny Kearns...31, 95pts
George Karlesses
T-4. Gerry Bonhage...32, 60pts
Gary Hopkins
Steve Regester
Paul Zotter
Adam Campbell
9. Jay Port...33, 30pts
T-10. Drew Stem...34, 12pts
Matt Skinner
Eric Campion
Paul Day
Bill Stout
Week 1(Gross)
1. Kenny Kearns...32, 110pts
2. Gary Hoipkins...37, 100pts
3. Matt Skinner...39, 90pts
T-4. Paul Day...40, 75pts
Monte Wright
T-6. Dave Werner...41, 50pts
Jason Henzes
Steve Regester
T-9. Rob Foley...42, 20pts
Drew Stem
Jay Port

Registration is OPEN!

  • Thursday Nights, 5pm shotgun.

  • $60 1-time registration fee.

  • $30/ride, $20/walk each week

  • $5 optional side-game (closest-2-pin, long drive, etc...)

  • 10-wk regular-season

  • 2-wk playoffs (Top 25% make payoffs)

  • Top 10 & ties get points each week, 10 points for showing up.

  • Send EMAIL with name, phone #, handicap (or avg score) & group requests.

Important Dates

  • June 25th: Registration deadline, FREE 9 holes for REGISTERED players.

  • July 2nd: Week 1! 5pm shotgun.

  • Sept 3rd: Final week of regular-season.

  • Sept 10th: First week of playoffs (Only top 25% play)

  • Sept 17th: Last week of playoffs, Player's Buffet & Beer after (Everyone plays, then food).

Notes from the Editor

   You may pay the registration fee & play your FREE 9-holes anytime after 3pm THIS Wednesday OR Thursday.  We will have an actual shotgun-start next Thursday @ 5pm for Week 1.  If you have any prior commitments during the season & cannot make Thursday, Tues & Wed will be available.  Remember, League guys get 25% off burgers after their round!

   There will be prizes for GROSS & NET this year so maybe the 2's & 3's will stop complaining... spoiler alert, they won't.

   To register, send an email w/any questions, comments, concerns, group pairings, etc. Read again...send email. Don't stop me on the course, or text or yell across the parking lot, send an EMAIL to golfpro1@wyncote.com with 'League' on the subject line. Thanks & talk to everyone soon!




Monday Night Twilight League

(not the same as the Thursday League)

  • Open to the public league for men/women w/a 10-week session.
  • First round is Monday, July 13. 5:30pm Shotgun.
  • Teams of four will be formed & play together each week for 9 holes in a 2 Best Ball format (Play your own ball, 2 best scores from each hole used for the team).
  • The league entry fee is $49 per person, plus a $25 daily fee to include a cart and range balls.
  • Register as one to four players. To join, or for more information, visit our website, email play@twilightgolfassociation.com or call 443-846-0655. 

Nick Conrad
Twilight Golf Association
A friendly association to play recreational golf!
1-855-565-4653 (GOLF)
The Sharks (4.5 HCP) had a breakout round, shooting the lowest round of the night with a team score of 75 / Adj. team score 70.5, led by Frank DeJesse who also won the Closest to the Pin contest on Hole #17 for an additional +20 team points.
Congratulations to the Kings finished with 920 overall points after 10 rounds and are our 2019 Summer league champions. Their season was highlighted by 1st place finishes in 3/10 rounds and 5 contest hole victories for an additional +100 points.
The Sharks finished in 2nd place overall with 830 points, followed by the Black Knights tied the Kings with 3/10 1st place finishes and 755 overall points.
Thank you for joining to play this year at Wyncote. It has been fun helping organize our league with you. I sincerely hope everyone had fun getting together on Monday nights to kick the week off with some golf and camaraderie.
Wishing everyone a great Fall (it's football time!) and thank you making it a great season!

Nick Conrad
Twilight Golf Association
1-855-565-4653 (GOLF)



  • Thursdays, 5pm shotgun.
  • $5 optional side-game(closest-2-pin, fewest putts, etc...)
  • 7-week regular season (top 10 & ties each week get points)
  • Top 25% of field makes 2-week playoffs.
  • 2-week playoffs (9 holes each week, lowest combined net score)
  • Players Buffet & Beer after the last week of playoffs.
  • Please email your name and handicap to golfpro1@wyncote.com to register. (ATTN: Keith or Golf League)
  • Sign up with a group and play together every week!

 * Plus 10 points for participating (Players posting a score outside the top 10 will receive 10 points for participating)


If you have any questions, please contact golf shop at (610) 932-8900 x7 or EMAIL.

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