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Wyncote Golf Club Est. 1993

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Golf Advisor: Top 25 Course Conditions in the U.S.  (2019 #15) (2017 #18)

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2. Wyncote Golf Club Oxford, Pa.

Since its inception in 1993, Wyncote Golf Club has received National Recognition for being one of the finest golf courses in the country. The “Heathlands” style course was designed by award-winning architect Brian Ault and rewards golfers with the finest playing conditions available.
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Tee Times

Golf Outings

Golf Outings

Weddings & Banquets

Weddings & Banquets

Ball & Thistle Pub

Ball & Thistle Pub

Course News

610 - 932 - 8900 / https://www.wyncote.com/ 

NO Walk-Ins!

The Driving Range will be CLOSED from 9am - 3pm

on WEDNESDAY'S for regular maintenance.

SUMMER Rates (April 26th)

Mon - Fri (Ride/Walk)
Open - 1:59pm
Regular: $80/$65
Sr/Ladies/Jr: $65/$50/$35(9) ALL DAY
2:00pm - 4:59pm
Regular: $65/$50/$40(9)
Sr/Ladies/Jr: $65/$50/$35(9) ALL DAY
Twilight @ 5pm
Sat - Sun (Ride/Walk)
Open - 1:59pm
2:00pm - 4:59pm
Twilight @ 5pm

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Reach Your Health Goals by Golfing: Here's How...
Sheila Olson of http://fitsheila.com/#homeinfo@fitsheila.com

When it comes to exercise, many people make the mistake of thinking that an effective workout is all about making yourself as miserable as possible. Phrases like “Pain is weakness leaving the body!” & even the milder “Feel the burn!” give us this misguided idea that the best workout is the one that we don’t enjoy. In fact, the reality is the exact opposite. The best form of exercise is the form of exercise you genuinely like. After all, when you enjoy something, you tend to do it more often. If you love golfing at the Wyncote Golf Club, you’re in luck. Your favorite pastime is an excellent way to stay fit, especially for seniors. Here’s why.

You Pick the Intensity

One of the wonderful things about golf is that there is such a variety of ways to play & practice that it can easily suit a wide range of ability levels. One straightforward example is opting to use or not use a golf cart. If you have the strength & energy to enjoy a brisk (or leisurely) walk between holes, you can. If that’s not in the cards for you on any particular day, you have the option to use a cart & reduce your intensity.

This is invaluable for senior players, whose energy levels might fluctuate from day to day. Knowing you have options to make your play less rigorous — or more, when possible — gives you the freedom to stick with it through the ups & downs of life. This flexibility makes consistent exercise possible & pleasant.

It Benefits from Cross-Training

Although golf is, in & of itself, an excellent form of exercise, it also encourages you to add additional workout routines into your schedule. For example, it’s always best to practice flexibility & mobility before & between games. Warming up, & keeping your muscles loose between games at-home exercises, helps improve your game & prevent injury on the course.

This additional exercise can really do wonders for health in your golden years. Although exercise is important no matter what age you are, it becomes vital as you get older. In addition to the cardio, mood, & energy benefits, you also get necessary protection against injury. As we get older, we tend to heal a little slower than in our younger years. As a result, injuries can leave us in a far more precarious position. Strength, balance, & mobility all help you prevent those injuries in the first place.

Golf Gets You Outside

Finally, one of the simplest & most powerful health benefits of golf is that it gets you out in the fresh air & sunshine. It might surprise you to learn that simply being outside has myriad health benefits in & of itself. For starters, when you’re exposed to sunlight, your body produces vitamin D, a necessary nutrient. This improves your immune system, boosts energy, & supports balanced emotional health.

Speaking of emotional health, the sun isn’t the only thing going for you when you spend time outdoors. Studies have shown that exposure to nature helps reduce anxiety & boost happiness. Fresh air, as well, has been linked to better mental fitness. Anything that gets you outdoors & keeps you from being cooped up at home is bound to leave you better prepared to handle challenging emotions, & more open to positive ones.

Ultimately, however, the biggest health benefit of golf truly is the fact that it’s fun. Exercise shouldn’t be a grind — at its best, exercise is a way to enjoy your body’s abilities. Golf keeps you active, makes you strong, & gets you outside, all while being a legitimately great time.

Planning to make golf your regular form of exercise? Consider getting a Wyncote Golf Club Membership!

Restaurant News


Sun - Sat

Pub/Take-Out: 11am - 9pm

Featuring Award Winning Chef, Jim Clarke.

Call 610 - 998 - 1414 to order/reservations/DoorDash.


5/7 & 5/8: Fri/Sat Seafood Specials
Get them while they're HOT!

Snow Crab Legs
A trio of the BEST quality available sweet-n-tasty Alaskan snow crabs! Served steaming hot w/drawn butter & 2 sides. Get ready to dive in & make a mess!

Prime Rib

Generously seasoned & slow roasted choice beef, sliced to 14oz portions & cooked to your specifications. Served w/redskin mashed potatoes & veg du jour.

Broiled Lobster Tail
5/6oz cold water lobster tail generously seasoned & broiled to perfection. Served w/hot drawn butter.
Single: $29
Twin: $41

Crab Stuffed Flounder
Twin flounder filets hand-stuffed w/crab, rolled & broiled, topped w/ hollandaise sauce. Served w/ mashed potatoes & Chef's veg.

Steak & Cake
7oz hand-cut choice filet mignon char-broiled to your liking & paired w/1 house-made JUMBO crab cake. Served w/mashed potatoes & vegetable medley.

Surf & Turf
6oz filet mignon char broiled & paired w/a 6oz cold water lobster tail. Served w/Chef's potatoes & veg medley.

*All seafood Specials enjoy COMPLIMENTARY old bay peel-n-eat-shrimp & house salad or soup
(dine-in only)!


Wyncote Wings

Choice of mild, hot, bbq, Thai Chile, Cajun or garlic Parmesan. $13

Cheesesteak Eggrolls

House-made rolls served w/Sriracha ketchup. $10

Chef’s Mushrooms

Local mushrooms stuffed w/crab imperial. $15

New Orleans BBQ Shrimp

Gulf shrimp sautéed & finished in a Cajun beer & butter sauce. $14

Crab Dip

Signature blend of crabmeat & cheeses, served w/tortilla chips & pretzel bites. $14

Pub Nachos

Tri colored tortillas topped w/house-made queso & shredded cheddar. Served w/pico, sour cream, & guac. $12

Crab Pretzel

House-made crab dip served on a pretzel roll w/melted cheddar jack cheese. $12

Crab Cake Sliders

Pair of Maryland style mini crab cakes, lettuce, tomato, lemon aioli. $16



Add chicken/steak/shrimp...$7

Add Crab Cake...$10

Cobb Salad

Fresh Arcadian blend of lettuces topped w/grilled chicken, tomatoes, bleu cheese crumbles, bacon & hard boiled egg. $14

Caesar Salad

Fresh chopped Romaine tossed in Caesar dressing, w/choice of salmon, shrimp, steak, crab cake, grilled or blackened chicken. $14

Steak Salad

Choice of grilled or blackened ribeye, topped w/goat cheese, egg, tomato & cucumber. Choice of dressing. $14


Burgers served w/fries


Choice of cheese, cooked to your specifications. $13


Topped w/Swiss & fresh Kennett mushrooms. $16


Topped w/apple wood bacon, cheddar & a fried egg. $16

Black & Bleu

Blend of spices, blackened, topped w/bleu cheese crumbles. $16


Half pound prime bison beef, fried onion ring, lettuce, tomato. $18


Half pound prime beef topped w/Chef’s crab cake. $18





Fresh mozzarella, vine ripened tomato, garlic, oil & basil. $12

Buffalo Chicken

Grilled chicken tossed in wing sauce, topped w/bleu cheese crumbles & a blend of shredded mozzarella. $13

Chicken Bacon Ranch

Grilled chicken, bacon, marinara, shredded mozzarella & chipotle ranch. $14

Crab Rangoon

Lump crab meat, sweet-n-tangy cream cheese, shredded mozzarella, red peppers & green onion. $15


Sandwiches served w/fries


Thinly sliced corned beef grilled w/sauerkraut & special dressing on grilled rye bread w/melted Swiss cheese. $15

French Dip

Thinly sliced beef topped w/carmelized onions & provolone cheese, served on a fresh roll w/au jus. $15

Crab Cake

Jumbo lump crab cake pan fried & served on a fresh roll w/lettuce, tomato & homemade remoulade. $18

Turkey Club Wrap

Free range turkey breast w/bacon, lettuce tomato, mayo. $13

Buffalo Chicken

Breaded chicken tossed in mild buffalo, lettuce, tomato, bleu cheese dressing. $16

Land & Sea Sliders

1 mini cheeseburger & 1 mini crab cake served on toasted rolls. Served w/fries. $16



Lobster Ravioli
Sauteed lobster meat w/seasonal garden veg & finished in a tomato & vodka cream sauce. Served over FIVE(5) JUMBO ravioli stuffed w/lobster meat & ricotta cheese.


A hand-mixed blend of ground beef & pork w/fresh herbs, wrapped in bacon & slow roasted. Served w/mashed potatoes, pan gravy & Chef's veg du jour.


Steak & Mushroom Ravioli 
Wild mushrooms sauteed w/onions, roasted red peppers & baby spinach in a light gorgonzola cream sauce. Served over an exotic mushroom & ricotta ravioli. Topped w/choice of grilled or blackened steak. $17
Tortellini Alfredo 
Choice of chicken or shrimp(grilled or blackened), served in a house-made parmesan cream sauce over tri-colored tortellini. $16
Shrimp Scampi 
JUMBO sauteed shrimp w/grape tomatoes in a garlic & white wine butter sauce. Served over linguine. $18

Filet Mignon

8oz hand-cut choice cut of beef, char broiled to your liking. Served w/Chef's vegetable & starch. $28

7-Layer Lasagna

Ground meat, Ricotta cheese, marinara, mozzarella & Parmesan cheeses, layered in traditional lasagna noodles. Served w/garlic bread. $18

Fish & Chips

Yuengling beer-battered haddock filets, hand-dipped & fried golden brown. Served w/fries & coleslaw. $16

Roasted Chicken

Crispy, half-roasted chicken finished w/pan gravy. Served w/roasted vegetables & garlic mashed potatoes. $16

Maryland Crab Cakes

Chef’s Maryland recipe! Served w/choice of starch & vegetable. Single $23 / Twin $30

CHILDREN’S MENU (Includes dessert & beverage)

Chicken Tenders w/fries $10

Cheeseburger w/fries $10

Grilled Cheese w/fries $10

***Consuming raw or undercooked eggs, meats, poultry, seafood or shellfish

may increase your risk of food-bourne illness***  

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