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Wyncote boasts a beautifully furnished banquet facility with capacity for any group and dramatic views of the Oxford, Pennsylvania landscape. A Full-Service professional catering staff will pamper you with semi-formal to formal dining packages, and we offer dramatic sunset staging complete with a backdrop of the golf course.

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Have your special occasion, corporate meeting, club gathering, or reunion at Wyncote, and we’ll ensure it’s a success! We can help with any banquet or special meeting needs you may have. We have a complete set of services to make your meeting a success and have planners to assist you to ensure everything goes smoothly.

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2018 Mens Thursday Evening Leagues (updated 5-17-18)

The course is completely soaked and there is a flood watch starting at 6pm. We are going to cancel and start up again next Thursday. Please let me know if you are interested in the League Only Demo Day @ 330 before next weeks round.  You can finish the few holes you have left from week 3 during the demo day, or after you are done your 9 holes for 'week 4'.



Golf League Week 2...

1. Martin Bruhl...30, 110pts

T-2. Steve Deshaies...31, 80pts
Aaron 'Eagled #12' Ditzel
Brenden Mulloy
Bob Angiulo
Tom '1 on 2' Castle (CONGRATS on your 1st Hole-In-ONE!!!)

T-7. Dave Cera...32, 40pts
Allen Castro
Jamie Turner

T-10. DeWitte Binkley...33, 12pts
Brian Todd
Jeff Beauregard
Roy Bryant
Brian Sheller
Paul Day

***10pts if you showed up. Please let me know if you can't make it this week or need to play early. See everyone else Thursday. 


Golf League Week 1...

1. Ryan Crothamel...30, 110pts

T-2. Craig Yeckley...31, 95pts
Drew Stem

T-4. Paul Porter...33, 75pts
Bill Stoudt

T-6. Sean Binkley...34, 40pts
Mike Duering
Martin Bruhl
Steve Regester
Brenden Mulloy

*Everyone else who showed up got 10pts. Let me know if you aren't going to make it this week. See the rest of you Thursday! -Keith

  • Thursdays, 5pm shotgun.
  • Officially starts 4-19-18.
  • Complimentary 9 holes for registered players on 4-12-18.
  • $60 registration fee...$20/ride, $15/walk each week.
  • $5 optional side-game(closest-2-pin, fewest putts, etc...)
  • 8-week regular season (top 10 & ties each week get points)
  • Top 25% of field makes playoffs.
  • 2-week playoffs (9 holes each week, lowest combined net score)
  • Players Buffet & Beer after the last week of playoffs.
  • Please email your name and handicap to golfpro1@wyncote.com" class="clickable ClickableEmail inactive">golfpro1@wyncote.com to register. (ATTN: Keith or Golf League)
  • Sign up with a group and play together every week!

Golf League PLAYOFF set! (9-27-17)


CONGRATULATIONS to our top 6 teams!

Steve Deshaies/Dave Cera
Gerry Bonhage/Jim Forwood
Sean Binkley/Dewitte Binkley
Mike Murdoch/George Karlesses
Dave Werner/Dave Emerson
Garrett Remortel/George Rizzuto

***I'd like for everyone to start at 445pm on WEDNESDAY if you can make it here by then.  That gives you 2 hrs and 25 min to finish your 9 hole... If you can't finish by then, you are beyond my help(contact Tim at timbrowngolfacademy.com). Dinner and drinks will be served following golf.***
Golf League totals thru week 6...
1. Dave Werner/Dave Emerson...370pts
2. Garrett Remortel/George Rizzuto...325
3. Gerry Bonhage/Jim Forwood...323
4. Sean Binkley/Dewitte Binkley...298
5. Steve Deshaies/Dave Cera...295
T-6. Dave Fizer/Chris Colgan...270
Dave Thompson/Rob Santucci
8. Mike Murdoch/George Karlesses...265
T-9. Gary Hopkins/Jay Port...260
Roy Bryant/Bill Stout
11.Martin Bruhl/Jamie Turner...253
12. Eric Bender/Sean Ward...243
13. Kenny Kearns/Jason Henzes...235
14. Jim Costello/Mike Riley...185
15. Matt Wilhere/Kevin Gaydos...183
16. Tom Castle/Steve Regester...171 (welcome to triple digits)
***This Thursday is the last chance to get points and get into the PLAYOFF! TOP 6 make it!
We have an outing on 9/28...that is supposed to be the last night for league.  We CANNOT play golf AND have the dinner that day.  If everyone is ok with it, we could do both on the WEDNESDAY before, 9/27.  Discuss amongst yourselves and let me know this Thursday!  -Keith
Golf League TOTALS thru week 5...
1.  Dave Werner/Dave Emerson...305pts
2. Steve Deshaies/Dave Cera...285
3. Garrett Remortel/George Rizzuto...280
4. Mike Murdoch/George Karlesses...255
5. Martin Bruhl/Jamie Turner...253
6. Gary Hopkins/Jay Port...250
7. Dave Fizer/Chris Colgan...240
T-8. Eric Bender/Sean Ward...233
Sean Binkley/Dewitte Binkley
10. Gerry Bonhage/Jim Forwood...228
11. Kenny Kearns/Jason Henzes...220
12. Dave Thompson/Rob Santucci...175
13. Jim Costello/Mike Riley...170
14. Roy Bryant/Bill Stout...150
15. Matt Wilhere/Kevin Gaydos...138
16. Tom Castle/Steve Regester...91
TOP 6 make the PLAYOFFS!  We have an outing on 9/28...that is supposed to be the last night for league.  We CANNOT play golf AND have the dinner that day.  If everyone is ok with it, we could do both on the WEDNESDAY before, 9/27.  Discuss amongst yourselves and let me know this Thursday!  -Keith

  Golf League TOTALS thru week 4...
1. Steve Deshaies/Dave Cera...275pts
2. Garrett Remortel/George Rizzuto...255
3. Gary Hopkins/Jay Port...240
4. Dave Fizer/Chris Colgan...215
5. Martin Bruhl/Jamie Turner...203
6. Dave Werner/Dave Emerson...195
7. Kenny Kearns/Jason Henzes...170
T-8. Jim Costello/Mike Riley...160
Mike Murdoch/George Karlesses
10. Sean Binkley/Dewitte Binkley...158
11. Gerry Bonhage/Jim Forwood...153
12. Roy Bryant/Bill Stout...140
13.Eric Bender/Sean Ward...138
14. Matt Wilhere/Kevin Gaydos...128
15. Dave Thompson/Rob Santucci...125
16.Tom Castle/Steve Regester...81
*Top 6 make playoffs*

Golf League TOTALS thru week 3...
1. Gary Hopkins/Jay Port...230
2. Garrett Remortel/George Rizzuto...225
3. Steve Deshaies/Dave Cera...200
T-4. Jim Costello/Mike Riley...150
Mike Murdoch/George Karlesses
6. Dave Werner/Dave Emerson...145
7. Roy Bryant/Bill Stout...130
8. Eric Bender/Sean Ward...128
9. Gerry Bonhage/Jim Forwood...123
10. Mike Murdoch/George Karlesses...120
11. Martin Bruhl/Jamie Turner...108
12. Dave Fizer/Chris Colgan...105
13. Dave Thompson/Rob Santucci...95
14. Sean Binkley/Dewitte Binkley...83
15. Kenny Kearns/Jason Henzes...75
16. Tom Castle/Steve Regester...71
17. Matt Wilhere/Kevin Gaydos...68
***Top 6 make the PLAYOFFS***

 Golf League Week 1...
1. Remortel/Rizzuto...28, 110pts
T-2. Bruhl/Turner...29, 95pts
T-4. Hopkins/Port...30, 55pts
T-10. Castle/Regester...31, 13pts
***6-22: Week 8...6-29: First week of playoffs...7-6: No League...7-13: Final week of playoffs & league dinner***
Golf League PLAYOFFS set...
1. Calvin Thomas...360pts
T-2. Rob Santucci...270
Martin Bruhl
4. Garrett Remortel...265
5. Gary Dickey...254
6. Dave Emerson...245
7. Anthony Leone...227
8. Tom Castle...225
9. Steve Regester...215
T-10. Allen Thomas...210
Dakota Schlater
12. Roy Bryant...205
13. Bob Rebar...192
14. Corey Daszk...185
T-15. Richard Leigh...180
David Reh
Steve Deshaies
***Ryan Backes...There's $$$ for you in the pro shop***
6/29--first week of playoffs, 7/6--no league, 7/13--final playoff round and dinner.
 Week 7...
1. Sean Binkley...32, 110pts
T-2. Calvin Thomas...33, 85pts
Allen Thomas
Gary Dickey
Bob Rebar
T-6. Phil Arlia...34, 55pts
Steve Regester
T-8. Chris Pyle...35, 19pts
Bill Stout
Gary Hopkins
Joe Palonie
Brian Sheller
Don McIvor
Tim Lukk

   Golf League wk. 6...
1. Rob Santucci...30, 110pts
T-2. Garrett Remortel...31, 85pts
David Reh
Jim Forwood
Tom Castle
T-6. Calvin Thomas...32, 45pts
Dave Fiizer
Jim Costello
Mike Duering
T-10. Anthony Leone...33, 12pts
Chris Pyle
Gary Dickey
Matt Wilhere
Dave Werner
  Robert Foley
Week 5
1. Dakota Schlater...29, 110pts
2. Dave Thompson...31, 100
T-3. Roy Bryant...32, 85
Dave Werner
T-5. Richard Leigh...33, 40
Vince Bassiani
Corey Daszk
Garrett Remortel
Gary Dickey
Scott Bartnik
Martin Bruhl
Golf League top 15 thru week 4 of 8(top 15 make PLAYOFFS)
T-1. Martin Bruhl...210pts
Calvin Thomas
3. Anthony Leone...185
4. Steve Deshaies...140
T-5. Dave Emerson...130
Rob Santucci
T-7. Gary Hopkins...127
Dave Cera
9. Ryan Backes...125
T-10. Brian Sheller...120
Richard Leigh
Garrett Remortel
T-13. Dewitte Binkley...115
Scott Bartnik
15. Tom Castle...110

Golf League week 4 results...
T-1. Bruhl...30, 105pts
T-3. Leone...31, 85pts
T-5. C.Thomas...32, 60pts
T-8. Farmer...33, 17pts

                                                                                            Golf League week 3...
                                                                                  T-1. Richard Leigh...32. 100pts
                                                                                                  Rob Santucci
                                                                                                 Dave Emerson
                                                                                       4. Tom Castle...33, 80pts
                                                                                T-5. Dakota Schlater...34, 50pts
                                                                                               Allen Thomas
                                                                                                  Bill Stout
                                                                                            Mike Yeahulon
                                                                                               Jim Costello
                                                                                  T-10. Gary Dickey...35, 15pts
                                                                                             Steve Regester

                                                                                   Golf League WEEK 2 Results...
                                                                                  1. Steve Deshaies...28, 110pts
                                                                                    T-2. Ryan Backes...30, 95pts
                                                                                                Martin Bruhl
                                                                                  4. Anthony Leone...31, 80pts
                                                                                  T-5. Allen Thomas...32, 65pts
                                                                                               Gary Dickey
                                                                                    T-7. David Reh...34, 35pts
                                                                                            Dave Thompson
                                                                                               Matt Wilhere
                                                                                               Jamie Turner

                                                                    *** Ryan Backes I have $$$ for you in the pro shop ***

Golf League WEEK 1...
T-1. Garrett Remortel...32, 90pts
Calvin Thomas
Gary Hopkins
Dave Cera
Brian Sheller
T-6. Steve Regester...33, 40pts
Bill Brinegar
Dave Lowry
Bob Rebar
Matt Wilhere
EVERYONE ELSE who showed up...10pts.
For Additional Information
Call the Pro Shop ( 610-932-8900 x2) or Email golfpro1@wyncote.com 


* Plus 10 points for participating (Players posting a score outside the top 10 will receive 10 points for participating)


If you have any questions, please contact golf shop at (610) 932-8900 x7 or EMAIL.

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Thinking About Golf…

Wyncote specializes in hosting a wide range of golf outings. Whether you are in charge of planning your corporate golf outing for 144 employees or are looking to raise money for an important charity, Wyncote Golf Club is here to assist you. To find out more, contact our Event Coordinator, Mel Irrgang at events@wyncote.com.

A Full Compliment of Services…

All golf outings at Wyncote feature the following services. We are also very willing to work with you to meet your individual needs. Contact us today to find out more.

  • Greens Fees
  • Golf Cart
  • Golf Outing Scoreboard
  • Bag Service
  • Longest Drive / Closest to Pin Set-up
  • Assist with Course Signage
  • Shotgun Start

From Begining to End…

Wyncote Golf Club is there to assist you in planning your next golf outing. Whether you are planning a corporate event or charity outing, we can fill your needs. We specialize in tournament style outings as well. For more information, give us a call at 610-932-8900 or email our Event Coordinator, Mel Irrgang at events@wyncote.com, or to contact Mel immediately, use the form above.

**Early Bird Discount**

Shotgun Outings (96 players or less)
Prior To 9:00am Receive $5.00 Off Per Player

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